What is the Magic Plump ?

Magic Plump

  Magic Plump is the lip plumper that does not stick. Mirror effect, moisturizing and smoothing. Sensation of sweetness and freshness. This plumper pen will slip easily into your purse or pocket. Available in several shades: Rose Gold, fuchsia, red, coral, nude (natural). It can be applied every day. A cure of 30 days is however necessary for a…

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What is Magic Lifting?

Magic lifting

  Magic Lifting Instant Youth 24h Instant anti-aging Shake and unlock the cosmetic syringe, then squeeze the plunger to release the cream. A pressure corresponds to a zone. First, clean the skin with a cleansing foam, then apply the cream on the expression wrinkles. Leave to dry for 5 minutes to firm and smooth the skin. Instant effect. Finally,…

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